Pay Per Click Management – Good Pay Per Click Management Can Help Make You Money

Pay Per Click Management – Good Pay Per Click Management Can Help Make You Money

When you begin an internet-based business or want to increase your exposure and sell your services or products online, you will need to start focusing on search engine optimization. SEO is important because it determines the ease in which search engines can find your site and recommend it to prospective clients. There are a variety of ways to enhance your SEO though the formula and ranking system shifts constantly based on a variety of factors. You can make some basic adjustments to your site periodically to increase your chances of high search ratings including frequent blog postings and new content. Another technique you can employ is pay per click management company which can work great for direct response products and services.

Help from an expert pay per click management company.

ay per click management companyIn pay per click management, it’s important to focus on the most precise as well as the most likely keywords that people might use to search for the type of services and products you offer. There are web marketing professionals who can help you identify the best words and phrases. Your web marketing expert can explain how keywords need to be identified in a variety of categories including a broad match, a perfect match, an exact or similar phrase, as well as negative matches. To become proficient and then successful at pay per click management services, you should first understand that pay per click listings are provided by various search engines on a bid basis. These lists compliment the automatic search results generated organically by a search engine. Once you obtain a particular pay per click listing, you are charged a small fee when someone clicks your link and lands on your website. PPC can bring business and sales to your site but you must monitor and manage your keyword choice and bidding carefully so you don’t spend a lot more money on pride bidding than you get in return on sales.

Proper pay per click management can help you get sales immediately.

Pay Per Click Advertising PPC ManagementIf you are paying enough to get top rankings in search engines, potential customers are likely to buy if they see you first. To encourage those sales, consider having a web design professional provide website maintenance services to review your website health ensuring that once you get someone to your site with a great keyword or phrase, that you keep them interested in your business long enough to stay on your site and buy. You should try not to depend completely on the PPC technique to generate sales and be prepared to monitor and tweak bids and keywords and phrases occasionally.  

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Pixels and Pigments: The Rise of Digital Painting and Digital Drawings

Revolution in Digital Painting and Digital Drawing

A confluence of technology and tradition is serving to advance digitally created art to a new level of acceptance and appreciation. A traditional art material—pigment, has joined with a relatively new building block of art—pixels, to provide an apt vessel for digital imagery. Thanks to the flourishing digital painting courses market, digital painting and digital drawing has gained momentum. Most popular of which are how to paint in Photoshop.

digital art paintingUnlike traditional media, digitally created art has been sorely lacking in permanence. Early digital art was largely confined to the monitor. No electricity, no art. Twenty years ago, emerging ink-jet printing technology utilized fugitive dye-based inks—a print exposed to light would begin to fade within months.

Shading in Photoshop vs. Oil Painting

Beyond the fading issue, there was the drawback of the non-archival papers supplied with the printers. Attempting to alternatively print on an archival 100% cotton rag paper resulted in a fuzzy image as the applied ink spread into the uncoated surface. While paper and color pencils are still alive and well Photoshop offers similar gratification. For example here you can learn how to shade in Photoshop

In the intervening years, ink-jet technology has advanced to archival inks and image receivers, including canvas and fine art papers. Art created with Corel Painter, or Adobe Photoshop can now safely exist in a format that will preserve it with the same permanence as traditional oil painting art media. So, the revolution is over? Not by a long shot. Online oil painting classes have grown thanks to media such as Youtube and such.

There is a current in the wind these days—the merging of pixels and pigments. Now that pixel-based art can be safely applied to traditional art surfaces like fine art paper and canvas, artists are coming full circle and beginning to embellish these prints with their traditional corresponding mediums. Texturing and Shading Techniques are now native to applications like Photoshop.

digital artistsOne of the weak points of digitally created art has been its lack of physicality. Traditional paintings, for example, possess a strong physical component. A painting’s viewer primarily focuses on the pictorial subject matter. However, the presence of the canvas weave, the brush-stroked surface buildup—even the frame—all subtly contribute to the total experience of the painting as object. These tactile qualities imbue an art object with a sense of uniqueness, as well as permanence.

Printing Painter art onto canvas or fine art paper is a big first step towards marrying pixels and traditional media. Embellishing these printed results with mediums like oils or charcoal projects the final work into the realm of a unique object, much like a traditional monoprint. Even if multiples of the image are produced, no two will be exactly alike due to the random variances of the artist’s hand.

We are fortunate to be living during a pivotal point in the evolution of expressive image-making technology. Like the printing press, the computer has enabled an entirely new way of communicating. This new medium melds the old with the new, providing a comfortable—yet revolutionary—form of unique expression embodying the malleability of pixels with the permanence and uniqueness of pigments.

Viva la Revolution!

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Website Speed for SEO

The whole world is moving toward a faster and more energy efficient future. However, the amount of information being processed over the internet is growing exponentially. In an effort to address these trends the W3C (World Wide Web consortium) as well as all of the world leading San Diego SEO Expert have recommended that websites take steps towards reducing their demand on both energy and bandwidth resources.

At the same time Google Pagespeed, the latest update to the world’s most powerful algorithm, is now placing significant weight on the amount of time and processing power a website requires to load when creating their Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Therefore, page loading time is now a powerful factor in Google’s search rankings. This alone should be enough to make all webmaster stand up and pay attention to this issue.

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Why should you increase your website’s Page Speed?

  • Increases user retention and activity by increasing page views and time spent on the site
  • Higher Revenue – faster pages will help improve conversions and order value
  • Saves $$$ by lowering bandwidth and hardware costs
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Better Search Engine Rankings

How do you increase your website’s Page Speed?

Clarity Marketing Design, has been testing the various factors that affect a sites page speed. Unfortunately there is not a single action that you can take to make the level of improvement which most sites need. It requires a combination of making improvements to the web server and the code on the website. In some cases, it may require significant rebuilding of the code on the website. Can most web developers make the changes needed? Our experience tells us that the answer to that question is No. Even the most seasoned developers have a steep learning when it comes to knowing how to do some of these things and which items to attach first.

There is some good news. Professional and thorough search engine optimization will improve your website’s page speed; however, most SEO companies do not go much further than making adjustments to your META information and on page content. This alone may not be enough, but it is certainly a good start and another reason why you should select and Web Design San Diego company that will make some of these improvements as part of their base level SEO package. Here is a list of some of the tasks your webmaster will need to do in order to make improvements to your website’s page speed:

web maintenance servicesWEB SITE SERVER SETTINGS

  • Add Expires Headers & Leverage Browser Caching
  • Compress components with GZIP amp; Enable GZIP Compression
  • Configure entity tags (ETags)
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Use GET for AJAX Requests


  • Put CSS in the Document Head
  • Defer loading of JavaScript
  • Use Efficient CSS Selectors (Avoid CSS Expressions)
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS
  • Combine & Externalize CSS and JavaScript
  • Remove duplicate JavaScript and CSS
  • Remove Unused CSS
  • Optimize the Order of Styles and Scripts
  • Avoid AlphaImageLoader Filter


  • Do Not Scale Images in HTML (Specify Image Dimensions)
  • Optimize Images
  • Make Favicon Small and Cacheable


  • Minimize Cookie Size
  • Serve Static Content from a Cookie-free Domain


  • Reduce the Number of DOM Elements
  • Make Fewer HTTP Requests & Parallelize Downloads Across Hostnames
  • Minimize DNS Lookups
  • Avoid URL Redirects
  • Make AJAX Cacheable
  • Avoid HTTP 404 (page not found) Error
  • Serve Resources from a Consistent URL

What makes a perfect WordPress website?

As compared to other Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla and Drupal, WordPress is the best CMS as it offers a great level of flexibility and unbeatable features for web design and web development.

In the competitive online world, it becomes for businesses to establish a unique identity. In fact, website owners want dynamic websites that can quickly engage the visitors and create a sophisticated UX. That’s why web developers have created over 40 million websites on WordPress in the past few years. Vivid Software Solutions, a San Diego based web development company has been successfully utilizing WordPress CMS systems for their small and large clients.

With the help of a blog, you can simply create a perfect WP website that can drive more customers to your site.

Let us discuss the 15 steps that will help you create a compelling WP site:

Select a Domain:

website designChoosing a Domain is the most important step as it creates your identity on the web. Without it, users would not be able to find out your website. Therefore, it requires a lot of thought and the ability to make intelligent decisions.

Well, there are four vital elements:-

1. Top-Level Domain:

The top–level domain (TLD) is the last part of a domain name. And, one of the most popular TLD is .com.

Well, there are various different TDLs that are created especially for companies or organizations (, some particular to countries (.in, .co, .us, .es) and some are used as the alternative to .com like .net, .info, .org, etc.

2. Root Domain:

You have complete control over the root domain. You can choose a root domain as per your business needs. While registering a domain, you need to remember that it should be unique and contain only of letters, hyphens and numbers.

3. SubDomains:

It is a domain that comes before the root domain. After purchasing a root domain, you can create subdomains at zero additional cost.

4. SubFolders:

It is indexed after the TLD, for example,

Select a Hosting Package:

One of the most important things for website upkeep and website maintenance is to choose the right host and package. A hosting company should enable you, never restrict you. Thus, it is necessary for you to choose a reliable hosting provider that can offer you the affordable and most suitable hosting package. website development

Configure the nameservers:

After getting both a domain and hosting package, you will be required to point the domain to your host’s nameservers, with the purpose to connect the domain name to the server. Once signing up, your hosting company would send you the names of the nameservers. They will look like and

Then, you can navigate to your domain’s control panel and find for something along the lines of “change nameservers”. Here, you need to enter the nameservers.

After completing 24 hours, you will know that it’s working if your domain displays your host’s landing page when you write the URL in a browser.

Download WordPress:

Download the latest version of WordPress and upload it to your hosting account by making the use of FTP (File Transfer Protocol). It is a process of transferring files between a desktop and hosting server.

After connecting to your server through FTP, you can view the list of folders. Look for one named public_html or your domain name. It is the place where you can upload WP.


If you want your site to be on the root domain, then you need to upload it directly. And if you want to activate WP in a subfolder, then you need to create the folder and then upload the files.

Develop a Database:

A database stores all your WordPress data that include content (posts, pages and comments), user data and configurations. Whenever the page loads, WP queries the database for all the necessary information, like a title, content, tags, categories, published dates, etc.

By using your host’s control panel, you can create a database and its username and password for WP to connect with.

Tweak wp-config-sample.php:

After setting up the database and its username and password, you can use the FTP client to edit the wp-config-sample.php file.

First, you need to rename the file to wp-config.php. Then by using a text editor, you can open the file.

Activate WordPress:

WordPress will ask for some basic information to complete the installation process and then, you can create an account. This process is short and simple.web development company

Once submitting the information, you will be able to access or log into the admin panel.

Select a Compatible Theme:

WordPress offers thousands of free and handy themes to make your website design unique and compelling. But, it is important for you to choose the perfect and most suitable WP theme.

In order, to get the perfect WP theme, then it should meet the following requirements:

  • Engaging design
  • Solid code
  • Valid HTML and CSS
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • Excellent readability
  • Compatible with popular and useful plugins, etc.

Secure WordPress:

Security of your WordPress sites plays a potent role as it keeps your site protected from hackers. If you want to secure your WP site, then backing up is extremely important. There are few things that you need to follow to keep your site away from hackers:

  • Regularly Update your WordPress
  • Avoid using wp_ as the database table’s prefix
  • Remove the WP version from the header of a site
  • Remove the username “admin”.

Create Important Pages:

You want your visitor to find the things quickly when they land on your website. Obviously, your potential users access your site to view certain features. Thus, it is important for you to create some basic pages that will help them to quickly view the desired page. You can create:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Products and services page
  • Contact page

Enhance for Search Engines:

In order, to survive in the online world, it is important to utilize the online marketing technique. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most productive technique to drive more traffic towards the site.

You can find a few themes in WP that come with built-in SEO features. However, you can use a plugin to make your settings uniform across all of your websites, regardless of the WP theme. WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best SEO plugin.

Set up Analytics:

Analytics allows you to track your visitors, with the useful data on their browsing like:

  • How visitors landed on your site?
  • How long they stay on your website?
  • Which page did they view?

You can simply install it, as it gives easy to use a feature to a website owner.

Create a Google Analytics account and then put the JavaScript code you are given before the </body> tag in your WP footer file.

Backing Up:

One of the important steps is to back up the WordPress website. If something went wrong, then you can use the back-up system to protect your data. This should be part of any website maintenance plan.

Set Up Caching:

Every time when the user loads a page, WordPress processes that page on your server. It involves fetching the time and content from the database and executing other procedures.

W3 total cache is the best plugin that offers the feature like minification that uncovers whitespace from your HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. In other words, minification makes your file smaller in size and thus, the user can load it quickly.


This blog post is written with an objective to make your WordPress website perfect. All the steps mentioned in the post will guide you in building a productive and quality website very quickly.


Main reasons why an eCommerce businesses fail?

The internet has really changed our lives in a big way over the past decade. Since the revolution started in the ’90s, many of the business owners started exploring this popular platform in terms of business expansion, which in turn, contributed to the concept of eCommerce web development company. Now, it is a fact that the majority of people make use of the internet and web stores to do purchasing or to conduct pre-purchase research. But the fact remains that eCommerce market is still at its infancy stage.

It has potential, but one needs to tap into this realm wisely. Many new aspirants are entering into eCommerce business to try their luck. But how many of them really succeed? According to the statistics, the majority of the eCommerce novices fail in their first attempt due to various reasons. Here, we will review a couple of reasons as to why many of the eCommerce businesses tend to fail.

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Failure to Attract Organic Traffic

The Internet is a huge platform and you cannot even imagine the magnitude of it. In this vast arena, it is very much possible that your website may easily get lost. Even if you develop an eCommerce website with utmost care and perfection, it can go unnoticed for not being able to attract more traffic. The reason behind this can be the lack of awareness about your website among the users.

To overcome this issue, you have to adopt some effective methods and popularize your portal in the following manner:

  • Maintain a Facebook page and Twitter account etc. and run a parallel social media networking campaign to promote your site. Today, these social networking sites are witnessing excellent user engagement and hence, you must tap into this opportunity.
  • Purchase some unique promotional packages like Pay Per Click (PPC) or AdSense. And, run an organic search engine optimization (SEO) process to bring your site on top of the search results. These can help in increasing the visibility of your website.
  • Create some unique promotional videos also to be posted on YouTube etc. This will create awareness about your site among the users.
  • Do frequent press releases and keep on entertaining the audience with fresh content. Keeping consumers updated and happy is essential.
  • Run bulk mailing campaigns as well as provides frequent promotional offers to the consumers to keep them coming back. These factors will help you keep your consumers hooked onto your site.

Lack of User-friendly Elements

Many eCommerce websites also fail because of their poor website designs and lack of Organic SEO services friendly website development. If you display outdated or irrelevant information or if there are errors on your pages, then there is a high chance that your brand may get blacklisted with negative feedback. Another thing is that new-age online users are very intolerant. If your website is difficult to browse/ navigate or if it takes a lot of time to load, they will simply switch to the next option.

So, when you plan to set up an eCommerce portal, not just your experience or quality of products will be enough, but you will also have to take extra care of the look and feel of your portal. The extra bucks you need to shell out in order to hire a professional designer to develop your site are never an overhead if you do not want to fail in your attempt. Along with maintaining a professional website as well as running adequate promotional campaigns, it is also essential to offer good service to consumers. From shipping of the products to after-sales service, everything needs to be streamlined in a perfect manner to assure success in the highly competitive eCommerce domain.

Paid Search and PPC Management

Are you using the right ingredients in your marketing mix recipe? If pay per click (PPC) or paid search is not a major focus of that mix or if your current digital marketing solution isn’t squeezing every dollar of value from paid search then the answer very well may be “No”. As growth in the pay per click marketplace is expected to reach $30 billion in 2020, what does that mean for you today? What’s your plan for the future of paid search? Will you be positioned to take full advantage of the boom to increase revenues and grow your business?

It takes a team of seasoned search marketers to take the guesswork out of paid search with proven methodologies, exciting and cutting-edge technology and relationships with Google AdWords, and Microsoft adCenter which are designed to benefit you, the small business owner.

What to expect when working with a PPC company

Partnering with the right local seo company is everything! Your digital marketing company should ideally have a team of web designers and social media capabilities to keep you at the top of the SERPS. Turning a click into conversion takes a lot of work. UI/UX designer crafts the design, a programmer puts it together and your PPC company will need to trial and test different copy headlines and landing pages to get you the max ROI. PPC includes:

    • Keyword Research
    • Ad Development
    • Optimized Campaign Structure
    • Landing Page Optimization
    • On-Page Optimization

PPC Management Services

Don’t waste your time with guesswork which only lets your competition take the lead. Adding a professional SEO company’s experience and expertise in pay per click management company today is a recipe for paid search success!


It was the advertising boom of the 1960s that paved the way to modern day marketing. Since then, advertising and marketing have been all about the consumer: What do consumers want? How do we appeal to them? Which consumers should we appeal to?

While consumers seem to be fueling most of the advertising and web design company strategies, it is not quite the case in B2B, or business to business, marketing. Here we’ll explain some key differences between B2B and B2C (Business-to-consumer) marketing.

B2B The Focus of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Marketing to another business is a very different ball game than marketing to consumers. To start with, businesses have a lot more to consider when making purchases; businesses generally purchase in much larger volumes than consumers. This usually means a larger investment as well.

As a result, marketing to businesses requires focusing on the features of your product or service and using logical arguments, rather than playing on emotions. Businesses need to know that your product holds a real business value.

Businesses do not often take personal emotion into account when making organizational buying decisions. To cater to this, your print materials, including organic SEO should be more in-depth and focus on how your product can help the business be more efficient, save money, etc.


Consumers, in contrast, are more impulsive – purchasing requires less thought and fewer resources. Consumers make emotional buying decisions and often purchase a smaller number of units than businesses. Because of this, digital marketing to consumers warrants a focus on product benefits more than practical features. More often than not, consumers have an emotional relationship with a brand or company, which drives them to buy their products.

Since they don’t have to consider purchasing decisions as carefully as businesses, consumers also want marketing messages that are simple and straight to the point. The most effective consumer advertising strategies grab consumers’ attention and use storytelling to play on their emotions.

When digitally marketing to businesses, you are selling your product or service; when marketing to consumers, you are selling an idea or even a lifestyle.

B2B and Relationships with Buyers

There is no target market, per se, when you market to businesses. Your market is essentially the business you are selling to. This aspect of B2B marketing makes it a very relationship-driven process.

The buying process in B2B marketing is multi-step, and the purchasing relationship lasts longer. Business purchase decisions aren’t often a one-time thing.

Because of this one-on-one selling situation, there has to be an established relationship and level of trust between your company and the business you want to sell to, a relationship that can last for a substantial amount of time.


In consumer online advertisement, your target market is much more widespread, even when you take into account niche markets, micro-targeting, and market segmentation. In B2C marketing, you are attempting to sell your product to a specific group of people, rather than just to one business. Because of this, the relationship aspect of consumer marketing is very impersonal.

Relationships are very product oriented and are formed through brand identity and emotional connections to these identities.

B2B vs. B2C Digital Marketing Objectives.

In Summary
B2B marketing is about what your product or service can do for a business and the personal relationship you build with that business. Your product should be seen as useful, above all else, and you should be seen as a company that is trustworthy to do business with. B2C, or consumer marketing, is about the benefits your product or service will bring to the lives of consumers and the lifestyle those benefits represent.